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Aug 1, 2013 4:00am PDT
the government's massive surveillance program. this after a new bombshell from the nsa. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell has all the details. >> reporter: it's a brief new look inside the secrets of the nsa. the director of national intelligence released several documents to show fisa court oversight of the spy program that sweeps up americans' phone records data. the government has acknowledged using a wider net than previously known. in what's known as hop analysis, the nsa tracks a call made by a terror suspect, but can then track all the records linked to anyone the first suspect calls and then to each of those contacted. senator dick durbin was clearly uneasy. >> when you look at the reach of this program, it envelops a substantial number of americans. >> reporter: frustration between senators and the intelligence community, starting with how nsa leaker edward snowden was ever granted access to the country's most guarded spy programs. senator patrick leahy dismayed that no heads have rolled at the nsa. >> if a 29-year-old school dropout can come in and take out massive
Aug 16, 2013 4:00am PDT
privacy rules thousands of times each year. "the washington post" reports the nsa has broken those rules or overstepped legal authority since 2008. a may 2012 audit obtained by the post counted more than 2,700 sdenlts in the pryor 12 months alone, most of them involved the unauthorized surveillance of americans or former intelligence targets in the united states. they range from significant violations of law to typos resulted in the unintended interception of communication. in a statement the nsa said in part, quote, when the nsa makes a mistake in carrying out its foreign intelligence mission, the agency reports the issue internally and to federal otherseers and aggressively gets to the bottom of it. the post says edward snowden provided them the documents earlier this summer. in a statement, meanwhile, he said the media is being, quote, misled about his situation. snowden says his father and his father's wife's attorney do not represent him in any way. >> turning now to egypt, marches are planned for today. right now, more than 600 protesters are confirmed dead in those clashes with se
Aug 19, 2013 4:00am PDT
with the nsa. some lawmakers are hoping the president will cut aid down the line. others hoping we can hold off. the president, of course, took a break from his vacation to condemn the violence and canceled a planned joint military exercise but did stop short of suspending any aid. another big topic, that nsa surveillance program, many critical of its legitimacy after an audit showed they broke privacy rules thousands of times per year. we know some hearings on the nsa plan for additional checks and balances expected to be initiated by vermont senator patrick leahy some time later this fall. richard? >> thank you so much. >>> the first settlement is reached in the penn state jerry sandusky child molestation scandal. the school signed an agreement with a 25-year-old suburban philadelphia man known as victim five. the attorneys expect to finalize settlements in 25 of the 31 cases in the coming weeks. penn state authorized some $60 million for the settlements. a jury convicted san dus key last year of 45 counts of sex abuse. he is serving a 30 to 60-year sentence behind bars. he is appealing that.
Aug 21, 2013 4:00am PDT
happens in the remaining months of the year. >>> does the nsa really know how much of our information has been compromised? >>> and a skin cancer warning for men. >>> and an incredible rescue by a firefighter. all coming up in two minutes. >>> stories making news this morning. more than two months after edward snowden leaked top secret documents to the media, the national security agency still does not know the full extent of what he took. the agency is, quote, overwhelmed by the amount of damage snowden has done. >>> a truck crashing through a guardrail and down a ravine it goes in central michigan. you can see the truck and its trailer launch off the road before disappearing below. the driver is expected to recover from the injuries that he has. >>> a new york taxi jumping the curb and hitting a 23-year-old woman, severing one of her legs below the knee. that happened yesterday. tv's dr. oz happened to be at the scene. he said a good samaritan saved the woman's life with a tourniquet. >> there was a dog leash and a belt, amazingly two mundane things, but they saved her life. with the tw
Aug 12, 2013 4:30am EDT
await the commander in chief. lawmakers are criticizing the president's plan by nsa programs exposed by leaker edward snowden. >> he's failed to explain these programs which are lawful, which save lives. >> we need to do better in educating our public so they are are not fearful that we the government are violating their privacy. the worm director of the nsa added oversight to hurt a key part of the program moving quickly to protect national security. >> so you need to be careful about how many processes you put in there. the >> reporter: the leak seemed to push russian relations to a post cold war low. president obama has now canceled the meeting with russian president vladimir putin originally scheduled for next month. some lawmakers want a stronger gesture. >> mr. putin does not have united states' russia relationships in any priority. and treating them in a realistic fashion. that's the way to treat mr. putin, not just canceling a meeting. >> reporter: snowden's father continues to defend his son who he is prepared to visit him in russia after recently securing the papers he need
Aug 2, 2013 4:00am PDT
granted edward snowden temporary asylum. the self plof fessed nsa leaker finally got the proper documents to leave. he's in an undisclosed location this morning. it might help the former contractor to avoid charges here but a diplomatic crisis is still stewing. jim, the g-20 summit is coming up next month. what are the implications to consider? >> reporter: there's no question that snowden's release has strained already difficult relations between the united states and russia and that the united states clearly see the snowden asylum as a slap in the face. the question is just how is the obama administration willing -- how far is it willing to go to hit back and embarrass president vladimir putin? now boycotting a major event like the g-20, which takes place in early september still seems unlikely to observers. however, obama and putin plan to have talks in moscow just before the g-20 meeting and the white house is already hinting it may cancel that meeting in protest. meanwhile, the american fugitive spent his first night in freedom as an official refugee in russia after almost six weeks
Aug 12, 2013 4:00am PDT
the president's plan to increase oversight of the nsa surveillance programs exposed by leaker edward snowden. >> he's failed to explain these programs which are lawful, which have saved lives. >> we need to do better in educating our public so they are not fearful that we, the government, are violating their privacy. >> reporter: the former director of the nsa warned added oversight could hurt a key part of the program, moving quick three protect national security. >> so you need to be careful about how many processes you put in there. >> reporter: the leaks seem to have pushed u.s./russia relations to a post-cold war low. ever since snowden obtained asyl num the country. president obama has canceled a meeting with vladimir putin originally scheduled for next month. some lawmakers want a stronger gesture. >> mr. putin does not have united states/russia relationships in any priority, and treat him in a realistic fashion. that's the way to treat mr. putin. not just canceling a meeting. >> reporter: snowden's father continues to defend his son who he is preparing to visit in russia after recent
Aug 5, 2013 4:00am PDT
flights. fresh debate about the nsa's surveillance program which intelligence officials say tipped them off about this latest threat. >> it is scary. al qaeda is on the rise and this part of the world and the nsa program is proving it's worth yet again. >> you have to be very careful about how much you represent that any particular program has contributed to our security. >> reporter: kristen welker, nbc news, washington. >>> embattled yankees slugger alex rodriguez may be banned from baseball on the very day he returns to the majors. at my noon, the mlb is expected to ban a-rod through the 2014 season for his alleged connections to a florida clinic that administered performance-enhancing drugs. despite that, manager joe girardi confirmed a-rod will play his first game tonight. jay gray is live outside the yankees stadium in the bronx. what's the sequence of events we might expect to see today? >> reporter: good morning. outside yankee stadium. relatively quiet as major league baseball gets ready to break its silence. here's the front page of "the post." just go it says. fans ban a-rod,
Aug 8, 2013 4:00am PDT
's a duplicatic snub amid tensions over self-professed nsa leaker edward snowden. president obama still plans to attend the main g-20 summit. >>> and drama in the whitey bulger deliberations. jurors asked the judge a series of questions as they mulled the reputed mob boss' fate. prosecutors and bulger's attorneys, meanwhile, met privately with the judge. neither side would comment on what they were hashing out. >>> you have to see this next story. a bear in alaska found a much quicker way to find fish than swimming upstream. he saw a jet ski on the dock and, yeah, decided to climb aboard. who wouldn't. the local guide service snapped these photos. they believe the baby bear climbed aboard -- >> he's trying to start it. >> that would have been great video. he was trying to get closer to his mother who was sitting in the water. though he didn't take off in the jet ski it did make for quite a sight. can you imagine stumbling upon that? >> no. if he started putting the life jacket on, then i would have started being suspicious. >> driving off on the jet ski. >>> time for a look ahead. a spokesman
Aug 12, 2013 4:00am EDT
, washington. >>> the father of nsa leaker edwae edward snowden is speaking out. in an exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos, lon snowden says he wants his son to come home, but he's unfair that his son could get a fair trial. >> where myy son chooses to liv the rest of his life will will be his decision. i would like, at some point in time, for him to be able to come back in the u.s. whether he'll live the rest of his life here or not and face this. because i believe that the truth will shine through. >> lon snowden and his attorneys have secured visas to visit edward snowden. they didn't say when they'll go. >>> a 2-year-old rhode island boy was found wandering around a housing project hours after his mother and another woman were murdered. isaiah perez was the subject of an amber alert. >>> a father, apparently suffering from depression killed his 9-year-old son and then turned the gun on himself. he was have b a supervised visit with the boy. he sent an e-mail before the visit suggests he was suicidal. >>> two homes damaged in a deadly plane crash are expected to be demolishes
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10